Turtle Records/Audio Physic 25th anniversary sampler

€17,95 incl. BTW

Turtle Records/Audio Physic 25th anniversary sampler/CD

We are proud to have been asked by German loudspeaker builder Audio Physic to produce a compilation of our classical recordings for their 25th anniversary CD...
The disc was presented at the High End Audio Show 2010 in Munich Germany.

The theme of the disc is:

“Classical Music with 21th Century understanding and insights...”

This compact disc has been compiled with the idea of not only demonstrating sound quality and realism in recording and playback techniques, but also to show the variety in modern playing practice of ‘Classical’ music.


1 Second Concerto Pour Trompette, 2nd movement, 1954 / André Jolivet 4:26
2 “Wohin” from “Die schöne Mullerin”, 1824 / Franz Schubert 2:25
3 Quintet in D Major Hob.X:5, 3rd movement, Viola, Contrabass & 2 Horns, appr. 1770 / Joseph Haydn 3:28
4 Rondo /Allegro KV 485, 1786 / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 4:41
5 Gaude Virgo, 15th century / Pierre de la Rue 3:58
6 Variationen “Ei du feiner Reiter”, aus Konzert fuer Cembalo und Streichorchester opus 14. 1935 / Hugo Distler 4:58
7 A duoi Liutti vnisoni, Canzon di Claudio da Correggio a 4, late 16th century / Giovanni Antonio Terzi Da Bergamo 3:18
8 Excerpt from 1st Symphony “Titan” (Hamburg 1893 version)/Gustav Mahler 7:58
9 “Ich kann’s nicht fassen, nicht glauben” from “Frauenliebe und Leben”, 1840/ Robert Schumann 1:32
10 ”Mache dich, mein Herze, rein” from St. Matthew Passion BWV 244, 1728 / Johann Sebastian Bach 6:07
11 “Eritaña” from “Iberia”, 1905 / Isaac Albeniz 5:56
12 L’Arte del Violino, opera omnia III, Concerto 5, Allegro/Cappricio (no.10), 1733 / Pietro Antonio Locatelli 3:17
13 String quartet no. 1, 3rd movement, Quasi agitato, 1982 / Tristan Keuris 7:18
14 “Fallt mit Danken, fallt mit Loben” from the Christmas Oratorium, 1734/ Johann Sebastian Bach 5:39
15 “Die Taubenpost”, 1828 / Franz Schubert 3:22
16 Wellingtons Sieg, “(Die) Schlacht bei Vittoria”, op. 91, 1813 / Ludwig van Beethoven 8:30



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