Venice Amsterdam

€17,50 incl. BTW

(180gr. Vinyl gatefold LTD edition)

In May 2006, Turtle Records produced the latest Venice album, called "Amsterdam".
The CD version of it was released in September 2006, and did hit the album charts in Holland at nr 8. The album has been received with great enthusiasm, and many positive reviews have been written on it, with also a lot of emphasis on the 'special' acoustic recording approach that we took for this wonderful album.
Exactly 1 year later, Turtle Records had decided to release the most fitting songs of the album on Vinyl. The original recordings, made in the ultra high resolution DXD format, are of such quality and delicate resolution, that a release other than on cd was inevitable.
As many know the merits of vinyl, in combination with the state of the art turntables that are available these days, go far beyond those of CD, and the musical atmosphere of the original masters, is reproduced more effective on this medium.
We don't claim it to be better on all aspects, but somehow the message of the songs, and their musical substance is transferred more accurately and direct than from CD.



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