dCS World Premiere Presentation

September 19th, 2011

Friday and Saturday September 23rd & 24th, Northstar facilitated dCS's world wide introduction of a new format for audio playback on their Debussy DA converter... DSD master files played through a standard USB interface on a standard MAC/PC. This groundbreaking feature might forever change the way we will have access to high resolution audio formats. SACD will no longer be the sole carrier for this wonderful format for sure...!
Northstar was chosen to deliver the DSD source material and Bert van der Wolf gave a lecture on the use of DSD & DXD in the recording process and on why it is such a splendid alternative for traditional PCM formats. The event took place at Rhapsody Sound Masters in Hilversum, Holland.
After this the international press embarked on a tour to the Northstar Studio to get a glimpse of what might become possible in the forseable future with DSD surround files and Ultra High End playback systems!