A Great Challenge for Northstar!

December 19th, 2011

The last week of 2011 Northstar faced a real "Challenge..."!
Two big orchestral recordings back to back featuring two of the most promising directors of our time. Starting with The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, lead by Jan Willem de Vriend, we recorded Mendelssohns second Symphony including "Lobgesang" in Enschede's Music Centre. After that we had to pack up the whole technical facility and move over in one afternoon to Hilversum where the recording of Bruckners 3rd Symphony was scheduled starting at 19:00h. Jaap van Zweden, "International director of the year 2012" (!!), conducting the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. Interesting to see and experience how the former class-mates from the Amsterdam conservatory both developed their skills to such a stellar level and to become such highly respected and searched for international conductors.
So, a lot of high profile action for Northstar just before the Christmas holidays and we are extremely proud to have been contracted to produce and record these wonderful projects.