First Pure Audio BLU-RAY produced in The Netherlands

November 11th, 2013

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE BY WISSELOORD STUDIO's & NORTHSTAR RECORDING SERVICES. "The Spirit of Turtle" is the first Pure Audio BLU-RAY production produced in The Netherlands...

From left to right: Ronald Prent (Wisseloord Studios), Bert van der Wolf (Northstar Recording), Wouter Strobbe (Wisseloord Studios).

dCS presents The Spirit of Turtle, featuring the
ground-breaking recordings of Northstar Recording –
the first Pure Audio Blu-ray release in The

Pure Audio is an innovative high-end delivery format based on standard Blu-ray technology;
developed by MSM-Studios in Munich in collaboration with Lindberg Lyd of Norway. The disks
carry high-resolution music in stereo and multi-channel surround sound with up to 24-bit
resolution at sampling frequencies of up to 192KHz. These audio-oriented disks can be played
on any commercially available Blu-ray player. The format allows artists to enhance their music
releases with visual content and bonus features, but the focus remains on the music itself.
With 33% of the population already having Blu-ray players at home, Bert van der Wolf of
Northstar Recording Services wanted to make “The Spirit of Turtle” collection available to this
expanding audience, particularly those dedicated to listening to high fidelity sound. Pure Audio
Blu-ray offers the consumer the high quality musical listening experience intended by the artist
and production team, on par with the actual studio master. “The Spirit of Turtle” is the first Dutch
production to be released on this exciting new format.
Wisseloord Studios, in the Netherlands, is one of the few facilities in Europe offering creative
authoring services for Pure Audio Blu-ray releases. Wisseloord is a high end audio facility,
established in the 1970’s and rebuilt in 2010 to meet the highest technical standards of today
and the foreseeable future. They offer recording, mixing, and mastering in-house, with a focus
on high resolution audio. With the addition of their media department, including authoring and
creative services, the team at Wisseloord is capable of taking on projects for nearly any release
platform, Pure Audio BluRay being an exciting new option for music content producers.
Wisseloord is also a member of the Pure Audio Group which is made up of a group of
international music professionals who share their expertise and enthusiasm in support of
bringing high resolution audio into the living room through the Pure Audio BluRay format.
“The Spirit of Turtle” is an ultimate show case initiated by HQ|NORTHSTAR, a brand directly
evolved from the audiophile Turtle Records® label, in collaboration with UK based Data
Conversion Systems. When Bert van der Wolf presented Wisseloord with the challenge of
doing his first Pure Audio Blu-ray authoring for this ambitious project, the Wisseloord team
worked in conjunction with MSM-Studios, who have founded and developed the Java scripting
for the advanced functionality of the new format. Screenless navigation, for example, was not
foreseen in the original Blu-ray specification and is an important feature in Pure Audio Blu-ray.
Pure Audio disks are driven by music rather than video content and screenless navigation
allows the user to operate the disk without video menus just like a CD – an important feature for
ease of use and potential future implementation in the automobile industry.
Of course, for users preferring navigation on a screen, the Pure Audio Blu-ray provides menus
just as on a video Blu-ray. These pop-up screens give information about the tracks, track
lengths, audio streams or additional information, such as production credits. Bonus features
such as video content, photo albums, biographical information, etc., can also be included. In the
case of the “Spirit of Turtle” release, the unparalleled audio quality and ease of use on the disk
itself is supplemented with “mShuttle” technology: if your Blu-ray player is connected to your
home network, you can use the browser application on your computer to access digital master
files in FLAC Format 24 bits/192kHz.
HQ|NORTHSTAR’s stunning retrospective “The Spirit of Turtle” on Pure Audio Blu-ray, made in
conjunction with Wisseloord Studios and the Pure Audio Group, is a prime example of how this
exciting new format can bring the home listening experience to a whole new level.

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