'Secret Key Masters...' A dream come true!!

March 25th, 2014

This week a dream comes true for me...!!

A few years back I got inspired by 3 individual pianist/composers during different recording sessions whereby they had the role of piano accompaniment for a singer or an ensemble. I was so struck by their musical idea’s that I invited them to come together and make recordings of their personal music from behind the piano, playing for each other and for me…Their music cannot be placed into standard categories, but is without exception so strong that I felt it needs to be shared through a recording whereby they play, improvise and interact with each other. Their musical idiom different, but for me personally very similar in commuication and personal expression. I my mind they are on the same wavelenght and I am exited to make a complete record with their music.

Marion von Tilzer, Michael Gees and Frans Ehlhart are these “Secret Keymasters”, who are brilliant composers in their natural habitat: Behind the keyboard, on their own!

After years of trying to find a date, this week it will happen!!
I am so incredibly exited about this and cannot wait to experience what will happen.

Recording location: Galaxy Studio's, Mol, Belgium
Recording dates: 26/27-03-2014
Recording: Northstar Recording Services BV
Recording Producer/Balance engineer: Bert van der Wolf
Recording assitant, Photography & Cinematography: Brendon Heinst