From Heaven on Earth

February 24th, 2016

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I present to you a new "Spirit of Turtle” production for CC|HQ|NORTHSTAR!
“From Heaven on Earth Lute book of Father Ferdinando" (working title!)
The past 10 days I have been fully immersed by the most fantastic lute music and sound from Father Ferdinand Fischer (1652-1725).
Hubert Hoffmann (Ars Antiqua Austria) playing, has found and recorded 3 Suites from this “secret” genius, who somehow bridges over between the great Bach and Weiss. Most likely written for Fischer's own use and enjoyment and the scores never left the Kremsmünster monastery in Austria. True Austrian stylist as well…
He himself was a monk, a close friend of H.I.F. von Biber however, and well known for his skills as a lutenist and Hubert really brought this man back to life with fantastic performances on a unique sounding, authentic 11 chors gut strung Lute. Also playing from the original tablature score, thus re-creating the methodology in which Fischer was playing the music himself.
All recorded in the "dead quiet" surroundings of Galaxy studio’s, which for this kind of delicate soft volume instrument resulted in an enchanting soundscape with stunning clarity. For me the most realistic result I have ever achieved for an instrument like this! This recording is not only done in stereo and 5.1, but also in AURO-3D 9.1!! It does not get any better than this in terms of realism and concert experience from a recording...
3 pieces from 3 periods of Fischer’s life which clearly translate his age at the time of writing. The young, the middle aged and the old composer…..The second Suite harboring a true and mature Chaconne alla Bach’s and the third ending with a stunning stretched out Passacaglia alla Biber which is constructed like an ever so hypnotizing “morendo” towards a beautiful harmonic inventive coda, clearly indicating the contemplative mood that it’s creator must have felt closing in on death.
This production immediately hits my favorite top 10 ever with ease, certainly after working so dedicated on the material and it has been an almost tranzsedentic experience, as the sound scape and tonal quality of the recording is mesmerizing and hypnotic. Experimental harmonies for the time period and brilliant tonal transitions! A real find and world first!!