Hearing is believing

March 10th, 2017

Simone Lamsma / The Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
Dmitri Sjostakovich|Sofie Gubaidulina / Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 77 / In tempus praesens

"Hearing is believing"

The very first review on this new release says:

"The star of Simone Lamsma has risen with such a remarkable speed that she, only 32 years young, now firmly ranks amongst the top echelon of violinists of our time. This recording proves it beyond any shade of doubt."

''This is a deeply moving account which has to be heard to be believed. And when I say 'heard', there are only two suitable ways: In the concert hall with the full dynamics, or else at home with the best possible sound reproduction in order to be completely engulfed and gripped by the cruel history it conveys. Bert van der Wolf of Northstar Recording Services has once again mastered an exemplary recording, made at the facilities of the Dutch Broadcasting Music Centre, Hilversum, The Netherlands.’'

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