Sonodore 5.1 Surround Sound Analogue Mixer

6 microphone and 4 HL line inputs. Separate stereo/surround panning. Stereo switched panning, surround 3 panners/ch to be able to pan the signal over the whole surround plane. Switched gains ...
€4500 excl. BTW

Sonodore MPA-502 mark I

2 channel microphone pre-amplifier. Switched gains in 1 dB steps. 48V Phantom power
€950 excl. BTW

Phono Pre-amp

Very unique phono pre-amp by Sonodore/Rens Heijnis AE. 70/62/78 dB Gain stages. 100/10KOhm & 1kOhm Impedance switch. Battery Powered!
€SOLD!! excl. BTW

PS-402 Mark I

60V Power supply for Sonodore RCM-402
€250 excl. BTW


GRADO Statement Series Headphone
€900,00 excl. BTW

Studio DAAD (white)

Acoustic device on tri-pod stand “The Best Sound Harmonizers in the World”
€350 excl. BTW

Audio Physic YARA SUB mark I

Small sub (black) with built in amplifier ideal for set up with small monitor speakers
€350 excl. BTW


Dual Mono-Stereo, Pure Class A Opto-Compressor
€1650 excl. BTW

3 PCS DAAD Monitor Stand

Acoustic device designed as Studio Monitor stand. 3PCS “The Best Sound Harmonizers in the World”
€900 excl. BTW

VPI Scout

High End Turn Table. Top Model GRADO STATEMENT cartridge.
€2000 excl. BTW



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