Sonodore Microphones & Pre-Amplifiers

Sonodore microphones and pre amplifiers are manufactured in Holland by Rens Heijnis Audio Electronics and are renowned among top professional audio engineers, for their unrivalled sound quality. Northstar's Bert van der Wolf has been involved in the development of these high quality recording tools from their conception in the early 90's, and has been using them in his own recordings for many years. The impulse response, overall frequency response and ultra low distortion characteristics of the Sonodore Microphones are amongst the best available in the professional audio market. These microphones produce a natural, clean and phase coherent sound, with accurate imaging and are ideally suited to meet the high standards required for High Resolution recordings in both SACD, Blu-ray and DVD formats.

Since October 2002 , NorthStar Recording Services bv has been co-ordinating worldwide distribution of Sonodore microphones and accessories, however due to time restraints, this will be taken up by Rens Heijnis himself again from 01-01-2012. We believe a new standard has been set with these products. Sonodore Microphones are a perfect compliment to our product range, from the point of view of recording, reseach and commercial sales.


...In our opinion, the combination of Sonodore microphones and microphone amplifiers, dCS converters, Spectral Amplifiers and Avalon Pro monitors delivers the ultimate level in recording and reproduction quality. This gives the audio engineers the opportunity to make the most of their talent, without being distracted by technical limitations of the tools they are using.