Prof. Keith O. Johnson visits Northstar

October 17th, 2011

Multi award winning recording engineer, chief engineer at Spectral Audio and founder of Pacific Microsonics, inventor of the HDCD principle and dear colleague Professor Keith O. Johnson finally visited the Northstar studio and enjoyed listening to our recordings. Because we use many of "his" electronics and I personally am a great admirer of his work as a recording engineer for Reference Recordings, this was a great honor and opportunity to learn. For many years we have been in contact and through several visits over the years by Spectral's Rick Fryer, we communicated our love for the profession and music on a regular basis. It turned out to be a wonderful exchange of ideas and experiences and most likely Northstar will benefit greatly from all the input Keith gave after hearing our work. As a bonus we will get access to the microphone pre-amplifier technology Spectral developed for his own recording facility and a meeting at his place in America is planned for in the near future. It will add tremendously to the quality of our productions when the Spectral technology moves further back in the chain...We already use Spectral exclusively in our monitoring systems, but as of a front end this still remained a dream until now!
It was an enlightening experience to have such a knowledgeable, friendly and interesting colleague around to review our results...
Much appreciated...